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Our Process

SupportLINK has provided IT service to Canadian businesses for over 26 years. Here is what you can expect from working with us.



Review of Letter of Engagement and Monthly IT Contract.
We will answer any questions you may have about your engagement with us.


Site visit

We will visit your site and inventory hardware and software, using our purpose-built tools.

We will review backups, cyber security, data access policies, system updates, equipment replacement life cycles.

We will provide a list of recommendations for your review and approval.



We will implement the approved recommendations from step 2.

With all implementations, we will start moving your business towards privacy and security standards compliance and best practices.


Grants & Assist

We will review your business for applicable grants and assist with grant applications and implementation.


Ongoing Support

We will perform on-going monitoring and system updates as required.

We will be on stand-by to respond to support requests from your staff.

We will test new technology and make recommendations where it applies to your business.

We will review new grants and bring these to your attention where applicable.