Medical Clinic
IT Support Vancouver

SupportLINK technicians are specialized in medical clinic IT support for hospitals and clinics in Vancouver.

EMR Expertise​

We work with QHR Accuro, Intrahealth Profile, Plexia, Telus Health Osler, Telus Health Med-Access, Telus Health Wolf, McKeever, Smart Series, and many other EMRs.

Electronic Faxing

We have extensive experience with the pros and cons of the different electronic faxing systems.

IT Maintenance

Pro-active management. Maintenance, upgrades, installations, troubleshooting of hardware and software. Monitoring of all systems.


We are based out of the Vancouver General Hospital. Close proximity to your clinic means we can be on-site when needed quickly.


20+ years of IT experience working with medical clinics.


We generate a customized monthly reports to give you an overview of the changes to your IT systems during the month. SupportLINK is the proud developer of IT Monitor Pro.

SupportLINK technicians are specialized in medical clinic IT support for hospital departments and medical clinics in Vancouver. We have been in the business for more than 24 years, providing solutions to the healthcare community. We have already installed, configured, and resolved problems with most of the software you have today, and we already know the vendors and support contacts for your equipment. This means we can resolve problems effectively, with less down-time, for a lower cost.