Founded - 1997 by Jonas Abersbach.
SupportLINK founded
Core Business

IT Support with a focus on medicine, Managed IT Services, Consulting.

Target Market

Medical clinics, life sciences, hospitals.

Product Positioning

Competent, specialised service in Vancouver, BC.

Typical Users

Medical practitioners, university and hospital departments.

Market Driver

Migration from charts to electronic medical records (EMR). Evolution of a business towards electronic, integrated software systems.

Client Base
300 +

SupportLINK has been keeping the tech-infrastructure of Vancouver medical clinics in top performance for more than 20 years. Our team is composed of exceptional professionals with years of experience in providing competent and specialised remote Managed IT services in Vancouver, BC. We have worked with clients at VCH, UBC, and the private sector. With insight into the medical IT landscape, combined with technical expertise, we are able to help clients manage their IT effectively.  

Each SupportLINK technician has their own forte in the field of managed IT service, and through the years they all have specialized in Medical IT services, having familiarized with the processes of most widely used EMR and data processing programs in the medical field. Upon partnering with us, our team will provide pro-active assistance in managing your medical IT processes. You won’t have to worry about any tech concerns when your IT technician is always reliable and on the job.  


Jonas Abersbach

CEO and Founder

24+ years of IT industry experience with medical clinics, Vancouver Coastal Health, UBC, the BC Cancer Research Centre, the Swiss national bank, and BC Hydro. UBC Computer Science graduate. 

Jonathan Schachter

IT Consultant

23+ years of experience providing hands-on IT support to SME/SOHOs, UBC, Xerox Canada, and TSX Venture Exchange listed companies.

Daniel Leung

Senior Systems Administrator

Senior Systems Administrator 23+ years advanced technical support experience. Microsoft Certified Professional and BCIT certifications..

Josh Haywood

Senior Systems Administrator

18+ years of Unix/Linux/Network Administration. 

Edwin Adalid

Chief Technology Officer

23+ years of software development with Microsoft and Java technologies. Edwin has delivered software architecture and solutioning to SupportLINK for 10+ years.


Lincon Nasser

Marketing Lead

Lincon has an MBA and over 14 years of digital marketing experience internationally. Highly experienced Apple Specialist. Network and Microsoft expert.


Kevin Hong

Business Analyst

As a highly skilled technical specialist, Kevin manages service desk operations.


Monette Esparcia

Project Manager

21+ years software consulting and development with Java and ServiceNow industry experience and certifications.  Worked as a Software Engineer for NEC, Barclays and Accenture; Founder of a software consulting company in BC.